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linsn TS802+RV908 RGB full color video LED controller card

  • linsn TS802+RV908 RGB full color video LED controller card

linsn TS802+RV908 RGB full color video LED controller card

Model: TS802&RV908M

Keywords: linsn TS802 linsn RV908

USD 156.25 USD 125.00    


linsn TS802+RV908 RGB full color video LED controller card


linsn TS802+RV908 RGB full color video LED controller card


The parcel we'll send to you include:

1 PCS TS802

1 PCS RV908



TS802 comes with RV908M can controller LED screen or LED modules that comes with HUB75 ports,supports display video.

Parameter about TS802:

1. 802 sending card including full-color sending card TS802 and dual-color sending card DS802.

    Full-color sending card supports full-color, dual-color and single color led display

    Dual-color sending card supports dual-color and single color led display.

2. 802 sending card max supports 2048*640

3. Supporting display mode: 640*480  800*600  1024*768  1280*768  1280*800 1280*1024 

    1440*900  1440*1080  1600*1200 

    1680*1050  1728*1296  1920*1080  1920*1200  2048*1152  2048*1280

4. Audio Transmission Function802 sending card sends audio data using network cable, and Function 

    board outputs audio signals to the display. Double 24bits 64KHZ hifi digital signal to analog signal

    or analog signal to digital signal, making display have the perfect video effect.

5. Cascade functionThrough the dig switch on 802 sending card, several 802 sending cards can be 

    easily cascaded to support a super large led display

6. Sending card U/D port flexibility for carrying half width or half heightFor example, TS801 can max 

    support 1280*1024 with two portsA single network output port supports 1280*512 or 640*1024

7. Sending card rotation functionIn Sender setting, sending card has 0, 90, 180, 270 degree rotation function

8. Sending card zoom in/out functionIn Sender setting, the ratio of width and height can be set to 

    realize zoom in or zoom out

9. Supporting 10-bit colors The seventh supports 8-bit colors: 256*256*256=16777216 kinds of colors.

    The eighth supports 10bit colors: 1024*1024*1024=1073741824 kinds of colors. It needs to work 

    with our video processors using the 30 bits TTL.

10.Multi-display synchronous and combination functions.One sending card can control multidisplays, 

     realizing displays combination, synchronous display, and independent play.

Parameter about RV908:

RV908M of advanced version for RV908H RV908T,it can supports 1/32 scan

The RV908M are products designed specifically for the standardization manufacturers: Free of hub card design,

completely compatible with RV801 function, the same size of RV801, equivalent to RV801 plus HUB75. Besides,

RV908 add the following functionality:

1. Onboard the 12 16-Pin interface of HUB75 the, no extra hub needed

2. support 12-bit HDMI colors input (required the 9th generation sending card)

3. using18-bit signal processor, maximum support 18-bit (260,000) gray (each of red, green and blue)

4. Single card maximum supports 1024X256 pixels, and 1024 grades single pixel chromaticity correction

5. Supports single-card color space conversion

6. Support program replication

7. Supports hot backup with dual receiver cards for demanding performances screen

8. Supports pixel fault detection (requires a dedicated chip support)

9. Support network cable BER test

10. Support flat cable fault detection

12. Support the cabinet-door monitoring (open/close)

13. Two lines fan-speed monitoring

14. Three lines Voltage monitoring: one for the system, two for cabinet power

15. Temperature monitoring

15. Humidity monitoring (humidity sensor sold separately)

16. Smoke monitoring (smoke module sold separately)

17. In line with EU standards CE-EMC

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